Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kapakahi - Slim's - 6/19/2009

Photo: Neel and I at the Surfrider/Save The Waves Coalition outreach table. Poor quality photo taken with my cell phone.

On Friday night new Surfrider volunteer Neel and I represented the San Francisco Chapter at the Kapakahi show at Slim's in San Francisco. It was a great success!

Steve Salta from Kapakahi invited us to conduct outreach at the show, set everything up for us with the venue, and put Neel and I on the guest list. He was fantastic!

We shared a table with Lindsey Davis, Office Manager & Outreach Coordinator for the Save The Waves Coalition, and Stranger, one of the opening bands from San Diego.

Photo: Lindsey and Neel at the Surfrider/Save The Waves Coalition outreach table. Poor quality photo taken with my cell phone.

Kapakahi played a great set, and guitarist/lead vocalist Mike Dayao gave Surfrider a shout out in the middle of one of their songs. It was awesome:) We were psyched to see Steve, who had been so supportive of us, on drums.

Check out this video from a previous show.

This is my personal favorite song, performed here solo acoustic by Mike:

We met a bunch of people who had not heard of Surfrider, but were interested in our work, and signed up to receive our chapter's e-newsletter. We met a member who needed to renew his membership. And we met a woman who lives at Ocean Beach who really wants to come out to our upcoming beach cleanups. It was a great all-ages audience. What a fun night! Thanks again to Kapakahi, Steve, and Slim's!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rogue Wave - The Independent - 6/7/2009

photo: Bethany and Wes

Surfrider San Francisco Chapter Chair Wes, his wife and Surfrider member Bethany, and I conducted outreach at this show on Sunday night. I'm a big Rogue Wave fan from when they opened for Jack Johnson on his 2008 tour, and had been looking forward to this show.

It was another sold out show - this time a benefit for an organization that was raising scholarship funds for children. (See earlier blog post.) We had a table in the back right corner where the merchandise booth would have been set up if it hadn't been a benefit show, and were able to connect with some Rogue Wave fans who were unfamiliar with our work - most notably two young members of the Monterey Bay Aquarium who were psyched to learn about us, and signed up for our Chapter's email list.

We also got to meet two great guys from the Independent staff - Jason and Terry - who helped us out, and gave us a shout out over the sound system during a set break. Thanks again to Jason, the Independent's House Manager that night, who took care of us, as well as John from the Independent and Justin from Rogue Wave management who made it possible for us to be there.

photo: Bethany and Nicole

Wes, Bethany and I distributed information about our beach cleanups as well as our chapter's other programs, as well as seafood and sushi wallet-sized guides. Since Rogue Wave is a big proponent of organ donation, I also partnered with the California Transplant Donor Network for this particular show, and we had official organ donation registration forms available at our outreach table, for fans who wanted to sign up to donate their organs.

If you would like to register as an organ donor and you are a California resident, then go here. It's quick and easy. Also make sure that your family members and loved ones know about your decision to be an organ donor, and how important it is to you.

Thanks to everyone who made our participation in this show possible!

Cloud Cult - The Independent - 5/12/2009

photo: Cloud Cult

This was such a fun show! Mellie and I had a table in the far right corner, next to Cloud Cult's merchandise booth, where we had a great view of the live painting taking place on stage, and were able to closely observe and participate in the silent auction for the 2 paintings being created on stage during the show.

At the end of the night one painting sold for about $1600, and the other for about $900. I watched one excited new owner talk with the painter, Connie, about how to transport the painting home to her apartment in a taxi cab. It was wonderful! Yet also very difficult to describe in a manner that does the events of the evening justice!

But check this out, for starters:

It was a sold out show, and the room was full of a lot of excited fans. We met a handful of Surfrider members, and also got to talk with some Cloud Cult fans who were unfamiliar with our organization's work.

Thanks again to Jason who was the Independent's House Manager that night, who took excellent care of us, as always! Thanks to John from the Independent and Connie from Cloud Cult for granting us permission in advance to set up the outreach table, and for providing us with a guest list spot.

photo: Mellie, Connie from Cloud Cult, and Nicole

If you have the opportunity to see a Cloud Cult show, then don't pass that opportunity up!

Coming Up - Kapahahi

Surfrider and the Save the Waves Coalition will be conducting outreach at Kapakahi's "Light Up" CD Release Party.

Thanks to Kapahahi and their manager, Steve, for reaching out to us, and for inviting us to the show! Thanks to Slim's for making table space available to us!

Friday, June 19, 2009
Slim's in San Francisco
Special musical guests include DJ Deedot, Stranger from San Diego and Bayonics.
Doors are at 8pm, Show is at 9pm.

Tickets are $13 in advance, and can be purchased here.

Like the multi-cultural mix of musicians that make up the band, Kapakahi is about celebrating diversity in all its fun, funky glory. Their music is a fresh and progressive mash-up of Reggae, Ska, Hip-Hop and funk and their energetic stage show grabs the attention of whatever crowd they're in front of. They dubbed the title “Urban Aloha” to describe their sound and vibe.

Forming in San Francisco in 2005, Kapakahi has grown into a regional touring act with an expanding fan-base from San Diego, to San Francisco, to Hawaii to the Pacific NW. Their love of music and work-ethic keep them focused on writing, recording, touring and spreading their music around the globe.

Based out of San Francisco, CA, the members include: Mike Dayao (Lead vox/Guitar), Steve Salta (drums/percussion), Chris Jones (Bass/Vox), Josh Hoover (sax), Lansky (sweet flows)

Their upcoming release "Light Up" is part of a movement started by the band called LIGHT UP.

LIGHT UP is a movement to strive to be higher than the individual.

It came from the simple idea to Light Up one’s life. After being together for 4 years, writing, touring and meeting people on the road, the band realized that their music can stand for something more than just a good time. Light Up is the idea that their music can be a positive force in the lives that they come to touch. It is the connection they seek and the bond that they make in that moment when a person can relate to their music.

Download the title track, "Light Up", here, for free. Hope to see you at the show!