Sunday, February 28, 2010

MOP at Rogue Wave this Friday!

Surfrider will be representing at the Rogue Wave show this Friday March 5th at the 9:30 Club! Thanks to Ed Stack at 9:30 and Justin Little at Zeitgeist Management for allowing us to be a part of the show. Come check out RW's great music and say hi to our Surfrider volunteers!

State Radio Brings It

by Matt Gove, Surfrider DC Music Outreach Program Coordinator

Thanks to State Radio and their volunteer organization Calling All Crows for partnering with Surfrider DC for a great stream cleanup last Saturday February 27.

photo: Surfrider and State Radio fans with members of the band and Calling All Crows staff

We had great turnout for the cleanup and State Radio lead singer Chad Urmstom was kind enough to stop by and rally the crew.

photo: Chad and Surfrider DC Chapter Chair Julie

photo: Surfrider DC member Christina Elefante collecting trash

There was an enormous amount of trash - including a boat, many car tires, and more chairs than we could count.

photo: Jody, Matt, and CR English from the Calling All Crows/State Radio Tour crew.

Later that evening State Radio put on a great show and gave a shout out to the cleanup volunteers and to DC Surfrider. Thanks to Surfrider DC Chapter member Jason Rubin who helped me out at the show!

photo: State Radio on stage at the 9:30 Club

Much thanks to the 9:30 Club for letting us put out some information during the concert. We look forward to working with Calling All Crows again in the future--thanks everyone for coming out!

And this 2009 Surfrider Wavemaker Award goes to ...

Congratulations to DC Surfrider Chapter Chair Julie Lawson, amazing supporter of the Music Outreach Program, who is the recipient of the 2009 Surfrider Foundation Wavemaker Award for Chapter Leadership.

The Surfrider Foundation's Board of Directors gave out several 2009 Wavemaker Awards in different categories. Here's a photo of all of the 2009 Wavemaker Award Recipients. It was taken by Marketing Assistant Kyle Lishok at the February 2010 Awards Dinner in San Clemente, CA.

photo: Back Row (L-R): Jerry Collamer, Brock Wilson, Randy Renick, Julie Lawson, Rick Saveri, Kerry O'Bryan, Manase Mansur, Julie Steinleitner. Front Row (L-R): Belinda Smith, Kirk Holmes (AVEDA), Robb Havassy.

Read about all of the 2009 Wavemaker Award Recipients here in this Surfrider HQ press release. Here's an excerpt:

Chapter Leadership Award
Julie Lawson – Washington, DC Chapter

Julie’s efforts have made the Chapter a viable, credible and well-organized group. Her work has included a leadership role in the passage of the Washington, DC Bag Tax Bill, and assistance on other bag bans and bills. Additionally, Julie has worked tirelessly to recruit and train new activists, served as a mentor to other chapters and participated in numerous EarthShare presentations, leading to a 35% increase in pledges for the Foundation.

photo: Julie giving her award acceptance speech at the 2009 Wavemaker Award Dinner.

As an example of Julie's work, check this out - on April 1, 2009 the DC City Council held a hearing on Bill 18-150 "The Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act of 2009." Julie was invited to testify at the hearing, on behalf of Surfrider DC. This is her testimony -

Julie also testified at the January 20, 2010 DC City Council Committee on Government Operations & the Environment's hearing on Bill 18-521 "The Human and Environmental Health Protection Amendment Act of 2009."

Watch her testimony here. She is introduced about 23 minutes into the start of the hearing.

Another 2009 Wavemaker Award Recipient, also a friend of MOP, is Belinda Smith from the Surfrider San Diego Chapter. Belinda received the Distinguished Service Award, in part for her leadership on the development of a brand new Surfrider film “The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water." This film coincides with Surfrider's "Know Your H2O" campaign.

photo: Belinda

Here's the film's trailer -

The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water - TRAILER 1 from Surfrider Foundation San Diego C on Vimeo.

“The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water" will premiere on March 21st, World Water Day, in San Diego.

Congrats again to the 2009 Wavemaker Award Recipients!

Thanks to Kyle, Laura, Vickie, Belinda, and Ed, who all helped me gather the photos for this post.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calling All Crows & Surfrider DC Service Event - Sat Feb 27

From today's DC Surfrider Chapter e-newsletter -

From the Calling All Crows Facebook Page -

The link takes you to this page -

If you are a Surfrider member, then to sign up to volunteer at the service event go here.

If you are not a Surfrider member, but are a State Radio fan or a member of the public then sign up to volunteer at the service event by emailing Matt, Calling All Crow's Co-Director at matt(@), or see the Calling All Crows outreach table at State Radio's Friday night show at the 9:30 Club to sign up for the service event.

Matt and Jason from Surfrider DC will be representing the Chapter at the State Radio show at the 9:30 Club on Saturday night. (Surfrider will not be there on Friday night.) If you go to the Saturday night show then stop by the Chapter's outreach table to say hello!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming Up - Globalistic - Yoshi's San Francisco - Wed March 3

The Surfrider San Francisco Chapter will have an outreach table at Globalistic next Wednesday, March 3rd. The event will be held at Yoshi's in San Francisco's Fillmore District.

We will be represented by Neel, a superstar MOP volunteer, and a new member of our Chapter who hails from the Minnesota-Superior Surfrider Chapter that she helped found in 2008, named Keely. Welcome, Keely!

Every Wednesday Yoshis SF’s new weekly live music series, “Globalistic,” brings the best in local world music to a world-class venue. Reggae, Afrobeat, Afro-Brazilian, World Jazz and Latin-themed parties alternate each week.

Speakers from green orgs and humanitarian NGOs educating awareness of Global responsibilities, plus worldly drink specials on Leblon Caparinia, Don Q Cuba Libre and Fat Tire, round out the Globalistic experience. Stamp your passport to global groove every Wednesday at Yoshis SF!!!

$5 Every Wednesday
Doors 9pm
Music 9pm-2am

Produced by Bay Vibes, Maisha Productions, Beyond Jazz, and another friend of our Chapter - Bayonics Manager Jimmy Vargas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The 2010 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival - Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf - 2/5 & 2/7/2010

by Nicole Parisi-Smith, San Francisco Chapter MOP Coordinator

Several amazing San Francisco Chapter volunteers volunteered to help out at this year's all volunteer-run San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.

photo: volunteer in the bright yellow vest! Guests checking in at the SF OFF box office at Pier 39. Courtesy of SF OFF Facebook page.

Most of our Chapter volunteers helped out on Friday night, February 5th, for the inaugural SF OFF "Surfing" program. One of the films shown during "Surfing" was "Surfbus."

I was unable to make it on Friday night, so I helped out on Sunday afternoon, February 7th. One of the films I caught during my program was "Free Swim." Watch the trailer here.

photo: Packed House for the "Surfing" program. Courtesy of SF OFF Facebook page.

A big thanks to our San Francisco Chapter Volunteers who helped out at SF OFF - Christy O'Connell, Dan Robinson, Sam Diamond and Brooke Tessman!!

photo: Dan Robinson on the right. Courtesy of the SF OFF Facebook page.

Thanks to Frank Firmat and Chris Connors who coordinated the SF OFF volunteers, including the Surfrider crew.

Thanks, too, to SF OFF for listing us as a "Community Partner" in the SF OFF program that everyone received when entering the event.

Here are some shots of the program.

photo: front of program

photo: community partners page

Thanks to SF OFF, too, for listing us on the "welcome" board on display right inside the event lobby! (Sorry, I didn't get a photo of the board.)

Thanks, too to SF OFF for listing us on the SF OFF website! Here's a screen shot.

photo: SF OFF website

Looking forward to SF OFF 2011!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oceanroyal - Red Devil Lounge - 2/10/2010

photo: Oceanroyal with Nick and Brooke

by Brooke Tessman, San Francisco Chapter volunteer -

On Wednesday night, Nick Arlas and I were given, well, a musical royal treatment by Bay Area band Oceanroyal. They performed for a crowded house at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco. I hadn't been to a show on a Wednesday night in a while, so I was skeptical regarding the potential turnout.

Nick and I arrived at 7:30pm and set up the Surfrider outreach table in a prominent position close to the front door. The band, Northern Son, opened for Oceanroyal and quickly had everyone grooving to the music. Not a bad turnout for a Wednesday night!

Oceanroyal took the stage around 10:00pm as people continued to stream through the doors. Boasting a mellow, poppy sound, Oceanroyal is reminiscent of the early 90's band, the Gin Blossoms. Oceanroyal is: Kurt Seefeld, Brian London, Chris Garber, and David Chen. Having released their debut album, "Sympathetic Vibrations" last year, the group proved to be in excellent form. You can check out the band's website here.

After Surfrider received several stage shout outs from the band, I learned that Nick was on his school's crew team, along with several of the guys from Oceanroyal.

Throughout the night, current Surfrider members stopped by our table to say hello, along with a lot of new folks looking to learn more about our organization. Between sets, some of the guys from Oceanroyal signed up for Surfrider membership too. Thanks to everyone for your continued support and yet another successful show. Surfrider looks forward to working with Oceanroyal again soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Coming Up - State Radio in the District - 9:30 Club, Sat Feb 27

Surfrider will be representing at the State Radio show Saturday February 27 at the 9:30 Club in DC! State Radio has some great tracks, come check them out and say hi to our Surfrider volunteers. Surfrider's DC Chapter has partnered with State Radio's activism group Calling All Crows to host a stream clean-up that day. For more information on the stream clean-up check out the Surfrider DC Chapter website. Calling All Crows has graciously allowed us to represent at the show and has given us two free tickets, which will be raffled as door prizes at the next DC Chapter meeting February 16th. See you there!