Sunday, February 28, 2010

State Radio Brings It

by Matt Gove, Surfrider DC Music Outreach Program Coordinator

Thanks to State Radio and their volunteer organization Calling All Crows for partnering with Surfrider DC for a great stream cleanup last Saturday February 27.

photo: Surfrider and State Radio fans with members of the band and Calling All Crows staff

We had great turnout for the cleanup and State Radio lead singer Chad Urmstom was kind enough to stop by and rally the crew.

photo: Chad and Surfrider DC Chapter Chair Julie

photo: Surfrider DC member Christina Elefante collecting trash

There was an enormous amount of trash - including a boat, many car tires, and more chairs than we could count.

photo: Jody, Matt, and CR English from the Calling All Crows/State Radio Tour crew.

Later that evening State Radio put on a great show and gave a shout out to the cleanup volunteers and to DC Surfrider. Thanks to Surfrider DC Chapter member Jason Rubin who helped me out at the show!

photo: State Radio on stage at the 9:30 Club

Much thanks to the 9:30 Club for letting us put out some information during the concert. We look forward to working with Calling All Crows again in the future--thanks everyone for coming out!

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Nicole said...

I love that Chad attended the cleanup, and gave a shout out from the stage! State Radio and Calling All Crows are A-MAZING:)