Monday, November 30, 2009

Music Outreach Program featured in Surfrider CEO's Podcast

posted by Nicole Parisi-Smith, Surfrider San Francisco's Music Outreach Program Coordinator. A post very similar to this one appears on her personal blog, Pop Culture Activist.

Surfrider Foundation CEO Jim Moriarty has a podcast called "On The Beach."

Some info about the podcast, from the Surfrider website:

Surfrider Foundation is made up of a mosaic of amazing people. These people come at the idea of coastal conservation from many angles and have different life stories. What they have in common is a love of our oceans waves and beaches. Twice a month we will explore this mosaic by releasing an audible interview with a key player in our movement.

Jim's most recent podcast features DC Surfrider Chapter Chair Julie Lawson.

This is what Jim had to say about his talk with Julie:

Everything about this podcast fascinated me.

The Washington DC chapter is one of the few non-coastal chapters in our network. Julie Lawson and the DC crew have created muscle that is not only tied into the local watershed and the distant beach, but also the federal government around them. Lastly, rather than working to pass a blatant plastic bag ban, the DC chapter worked with other groups to tie the plastics issue to economics.

Julie and I sat down and walked through these issues and a few others. Don't let her humility fool you, this woman is a rock star.

Julie Lawson, recorded on the streets of Washington D.C.

Listen here!

You'll hear Julie and Jim talk about Surfrider's volunteer-run Music Outreach Program.

Thanks to everyone who helped me start the program - especially Julie and Laura Mazzarella, Surfrider's Marketing Manager.

Thanks, too, to DC Surfrider members Eli Kiljanek, Eric Dean, Jason Rubin, Joyce Rosado, Megan Kelley, and Mike Childs who not only supported me, but who literally stood by my side and helped me represent DC Surfrider at MOP's first few shows.

For a full list of "Friends of MOP" please see this blog's sidebar. Thanks, too to Surfrider San Francisco and DC Surfrider's Music Outreach Program Coordinator Chris Woods, who help keep it strong!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brett Dennen - 9:30 Club - 11/17/2009

By Chris Woods, Surfrider DC Music Outreach Program Coordinator

On Tuesday, November 17, Ian Achimore, a California native, and I, a future California transplant, attended an excellent Brett Dennen and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals show.

We set up our Surfrider Foundation booth in the newly remodeled corner of the 9:30 Club, and displayed our chapter's new tee shirt designs, as well as memberships that come along with tote bags with an excellent surfing design. There was a lot of interest in our new 2010 Surfrider Foundation calendars. (Shoot us an email to get your copy- an excellent stocking stuffer!)

photo: Ian @ the booth

We signed up many new fans to our email list, and met some great folks. We were introduced to two ladies that were huge Surfrider and Brett Dennen fans, and had participated in the Barefoot Beach Cleanup with G.Love and Tristan Prettyman.

photo: Ian @ the booth talking with fans

Brett and Grace both put on excellent shows.

photo: Grace Potter performing @ the show, Flickr PZAO

And for those of you who like artists whose live shows are even better than their albums.....Go check Brett Dennen out ASAP!!!

photo: Brett performing @ the show, from Flickr PZAO

That's all for now, stay tuned for Surfrider Foundation's Music Outreach Programs next excellent concert.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love concerts? Love DC Surfrider?

posted by Julie Lawson, DC Surfrider Chapter Chair. This was also emailed out to all DC Surfrider Chapter members yesterday.

The DC Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is looking for a new Music Outreach Program Coordinator. The Music Outreach Program started in 2007 and works with touring and local musicians to bring the Surfrider message to fans and concertgoers. MOP has given our volunteers access to shows by Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter, Colbie Caillat, Brian Wilson, Brett Dennen, Xavier Rudd, Incubus, ALO, G. Love, Matt Costa, and many more.

Our current coordinator, Chris Woods, is shipping off to the West Coast this winter, and we need a new person to organize and attend these shows and events! The position involves not just running a table at shows, but also recruiting volunteers and training them. You'll work independently, but under the advisement of a DC Chapter leader and MOP founder Nicole Parisi-Smith (currently based in San Francisco).

It's an excellent opportunity to get more involved with Surfrider, learn skills, make contacts, and, of course, get free concert tickets! (Like all chapter roles, this position is unpaid.)


- Enjoy live music and already go to shows of your own accord, and follow tour schedules and artist nonprofit interests
- Able to stay out late on weeknights
- Comfortable directing volunteers and doing outreach
- Proactive, dependable, timely, and organized

Preferred candidates will also have regular access to a car, as some venues are not Metro-accessible.

Because of the sensitive nature of networking within the music industry, we are asking interested candidates to submit a formal application (cover letter addressing the requirements above, and resume), obviously a more stringent process than we use for most volunteers. The deadline to apply is December 7.

Send questions and application materials to For more information about MOP, visit our website and the MOP blog.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Colbie Caillat - 9:30 Club - 10/17/2009

photo: Julie Lawson & I

by Megan Kelley, Education Coordinator - DC Surfrider Chapter

DC Surfrider was out tabling at the Colbie Caillat concert on Saturday October 17th in Washington, DC. Julie Lawson (DC Surfrider Chapter Chair), Chris Woods (DC Surfrider Music Outreach Program Coordinator) and I helped educate and gain support for local campaigns in Maryland, Virginia and the District.

photo: Chris Woods and his brother Timmy.

We gathered signatures, linked concert goers up with Surfrider, and enjoyed a great show. We even met a surfer from Hawaii - go figure! Thanks to Colbie and the staff at the 9:30 club for supporting the Surfrider Foundation!

photo: Our view from the DC Surfrider table of the main floor of the 9:30 Club - before it became full of Colbie fans!

Bayonics - The Elbo Room - 10/30/2009

by Brooke Tessman, San Francisco Chapter Volunteer

On October 30th, The Surfrider San Francisco Chapter had the opportunity to participate in our second Bayonics show. The venue took place at the Elbo Room in the Mission District.

photo: Brooke & Nicole

Nicole Parisi-Smith and I arrived around 9pm. We were welcomed by a festive, Halloween influenced vibe that continued to get stronger throughout the night. Nick Arlas joined us at our outreach table at 10pm.

photo: Brooke & Nick

Nicole, Nick and I represented the Surfrider outreach, while opening band Orgone took the stage. Orgone is a California funk and soul band hailing from LA. I had the opportunity to chat with Orgone's trumpet player Devin Williams.

Having grown up in SF proper, but now living in LA, he loves playing SF gigs and having his good friends come out to support him. Devin was very interested in Surfrider's water quality testing program, and the “Clean Water at the ‘Bu” Campaign.

photo: Orgone's Devin Williams & Brooke.

Bayonics, our band headliner,finally took the stage around 11:30pm to an eager(and sweaty)crowd. Bayonics is best described as a funky, Latin influenced hip hop sound that easily gets your booty shakin'!

Several folks stopped by the Surfrider table, asking questions about our organization, while Nick and Nicole handed out Surfrider brochures.

Special thanks to Bayonics Manager, Jimmy Vargas. Congratulations on another successful show! Surfrider looks forward to working with you and Bayonics again soon!