Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bayonics & Aphrodesia – The Great American Music Hall - 8/21/2009

by Neel Singh

Nick reppin’ Surfrider SF!

On August 21st, recent Surfrider member and Music Outreach Program (MOP) all-star Nick Arlas and I attended the Bayonics and Aphrodesia show at the Great American Music Hall.

Bayonics is a local band, mixing smooth Latin melodies with Jazz, Funk, Timba, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Rock. They’ve been rocking shows since 2001 and have been featured on bills with other local favorites such as Native Elements and 40Love.

San Francisco based Aphrodesia is an 11-piece ensemble that has been blending African music with polyrhythmic funk undertones since 2003.

Jim Vargas, the manager of Bayonics, contacted us and we were fortunate to be able conduct outreach at this event. We shared a table with Pete, the drummer from Bayonics, (selling merch) who’s a really cool, down-to-earth guy, and who’s also got chops on the kit!

The show started off with a chill atmosphere. GAMH was only about a third full when Bayonics took the stage, but they still brought their good vibes and energy, and rocked a full hour set.

Bayonics on Stage

By the time headliner, Aphrodesia took the stage the venue was full – a good mix of people of all ages bringing their positive energy together to celebrate the gift of music in one of the most beautiful venues in San Francisco. Also, let’s give some big ups to Gus, the MC, and DJ Jeremiah for keeping the vibes and groove going throughout the night.

11-piece Aphrodesia plus a few guests

Outreach for us was a success too! We signed up one new member, who had recently moved here from back east, added some new people to our email list, and raffled one of our stylish Surfrider T’s away (winner pictured below).

Raffle winner, Nick, and me

Overall it was a really great time of good music and good people. Nick and I met some of the members of Bayonics, all really cool, positive guys. Pete, from Bayonics, told me at the end of the show how much he appreciates the efforts of Surfrider and the MOP and welcomed us to table at any of their shows in the future, so let’s stay in touch!

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