Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kapakahi - Great American Music Hall - 9/30/2009

photo: Kapakahi @ Cafe Du Nord, June 28, 2009. Flickr photographer joesuave.

by Nick Arlas, San Francisco Volunteer

Neel and I rolled down to Slim's on September 30th to catch three reggae bands that are building larger fanbases at every show they play. Kapakahi, Philly based group The Movement, and DC-based SOJA rounded out the lineup that kept the audience stirring it up until close to 1am. The Movement, a talented 4-piece group, got the crowd going early with harmonizing vocals/rhymes combined with an excellent blend of electric reggae-rockin' guitars, bass, and irie beats. Local group Kapakahi followed with a high energy set that left the the crowd amping for the headliners SOJA to come on stage. After much anticipation, SOJA stepped up and got the crowd immediately singing their subtle lyrics and dancing to songs with a dub and traditional reggae feel. On the outreach side, we were able to spread the word about Surfrider Music Outreach Program to some future volunteers, as well as pass out a few beach clean-ups schedules-thanks to Hillary for the help. SOJA and Artist Chris Pederson also helped us out by placing a stack of schedules at their tables. Pederson's work is 100% epic surfscape fantasies and you can check it out at foreverstoked.com.

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