Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kapakahi - Slim's - 1/22/2010

By Nicole Parisi-Smith, San Francisco Chapter

Last night Zachary and I represented the San Francisco Chapter at Kapakahi's first show of 2010, at Slim's in San Francisco. It was Zachary's first Music Outreach Program show, and he did a great job! He's an active member of our Chapter's Education Committee. Last night I learned that he has a passion for the trumpet. He is in good company; some of our other active MOP volunteers are also musicians:)

Thanks to Steve, Kapakahi's Drummer and Manager, Zachary and I were given a prime spot for Surfrider's materials at the Merch Booth, which is located to the left of the stage. We were in the middle of the Merch Booth, with Still Time's Manager Jill and Still Time's merch on our left, and Kapakahi's Merch Coordinator Steve and Kapakahi's merch on our right. Zachary and I had a great time hanging out with Jill and Steve during the show.

photo: me hanging out at the booth

The members of Still Time and Kapakahi also stopped in regularly to hang out, too. It was really fun to get to know them, and we really appreciated their enthusiasm for Surfrider!

photo: Mike from Kapakahi and Zachary

DJ Deedot got the party started shortly after the doors opened at 8pm last night, and then the San Francisco-based band Jahlectrik played a reggae-inspired set including some fun Bob Marley covers.

photo: Zachary surveying the crowd

Fans continued to trickle in; it was noticeably crowded in Slim's by the time Still Time took the stage. Hailing from San Luis Obispo, about a 5 hour drive south of San Francisco, this musically-talented band also happens to be a big Surfrider supporter!

photo: Jill and I, with Still Time on stage

Jill told us that Still Time had performed at a recent benefit at the awesome live music SOhO in downtown Santa Barbara for a fundraiser event organized by the Surfrider Santa Barbara Chapter! Nick, who plays guitar for Still Time entered our Surfrider San Francisco Chapter t-shirt raffle, and joined our Chapter's email list. I was excited to hear that Still Time will be touring the country soon.

Zachary and I did some great outreach. We got to introduce Surfrider and our 2010 Beach Cleanups to some new fans, provided a returning beach cleanup volunteer with our new schedule, and even helped a Santa Barbara native re-new her Surfrider membership. She told us that her parents are huge Surfrider fans, and had attended the benefit with Still Time that Jill had told us about. Awesome! It was also sweet to hear from at least 2 fans that they remembered seeing Surfrider at other shows, and were happy to see us at Slim's last night.

However nothing tops the FOUR separate Surfrider Foundation shout-outs that Lansky and Mike Dayao of Kapakahi gave us from the stage last night. Mike made a nice heartfelt statement about ocean stewardship, too.

Kapakahi played my favorite song "She Could Be The One" and debuted some new songs last night, which they hope to record this spring. It was a great set! Zachary loved the new horn section. I also really appreciated that Kapakahi donated proceeds from last night's show to the Haiti relief effort. They are so awesome!

photo: Kapakahi on stage

Thanks to Kapakahi and everyone at Slim's for hosting us last night! Thanks again to Zachary for all of his help.

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