Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Xavier Rudd at 9:30 Club

DC Surfrider’s Music Outreach Program was on hand for Xavier Rudd’s show at the 9:30 Club last Friday night. Thanks to Kate Brennan for volunteering! It was her first time representing Surfrider but she did a great job. HoneyHoney opened for Xavier and put out a great round of warm stompy blues. Xavier Rudd brought his tribal beats and signature didgeridoos. The crowd ate it up.

At the Surfrider table we talked to a good amount of fans, and signed up some people for our campaign against plastic bags in Virginia and Maryland. Altogether a great evening of music and talking oceans! Thanks again to Christi Thompson at Thompson Artist Management and Sarah Flynn with Xavier Rudd for hooking Surfrider up with this great show!

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Nicole said...

Awesome post, Matt! Thanks, Kate for representing Surfrider at the show! Hope you had a great time:)