Friday, October 26, 2012

Introducing Eric Youngson, Portland OR Chapter's new Music Outreach Program Coordinator!

Please join us in welcoming Eric Youngson to the Music Outreach Program Coordinator - Surfrider Portland Chapter role!

My name is Eric Youngson. I am a surfer and general outdoor enthusiast who loves to be in the natural world. I have lived in Portland, Oregon for about six years now and feel like it's my home. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and most of my family lives there but I spent some time in the frozen land of Michigan so I definitely appreciate the Northwest in a way many Californians may not.

Despite my heritage I started surfing in the Northwest a couple of years ago after completing engineering degree at Oregon Institute of Technology. I studied renewable energy and have worked for some time as an Energy Efficient Engineer working with commercial buildings. I've always had a passion for the environment and a special connection with the ocean, having many early memories of the shore and being so long removed from it in Michigan.

I am really excited about connecting with the amazing music scene here in Portland. I've had many great times at concerts and enjoyed the excitement of seeing local talent take off and gain national attention. I hope that the vibrant energy of our local scene can help to promote the mission of Surfrider and find synergy between environmental activism and the music scene that moves us.

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