Saturday, March 7, 2009

Matt Costa - Slim's - 2/25/2009

by Nicole Parisi-Smith

Andrea, Emma and I represented Surfrider at the Matt Costa show, which was held at Slim's, but was part of San Francisco's annual Noise Pop Festival. We really appreciated all of the support that we received from the festival organizers, the promoter, the venue, the musicians, and management. It went really smoothly.

Since several bands performed that night, before Matt's set, there was a lot of merch. We shared a table with the merch teams from Noise Pop and Matt Costa. It was a great spot, because we were able to talk with fans who we might not have otherwise met, who were looking to purchase show-related merch.

We also circulated throughout the crowd, before the show started, and between every performance, to proactively talk with fans. I think we talked with just about every single person in the venue, that night:) We handed out more of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sushi wallet-sized guides, as well as information about our chapter's beach cleanups.

Carolynn, who designed and handled the order for our 2009 Beach Clean Up Postcards, brought a box of postcards with her, to the show, for us. Carolynn was the one who first pointed out that Matt was coming into town, at the December Chapter meeting. Thanks, Carolynn!!

Here she is, holding up the postcard that she created.

We met a lot of really great people at the show, including Sean Stringfellow, of Slim's staff, who had coordinated our participation for us. Sean, with his new Save Trestles t-shirt. Sean surfs at Trestles, when he is visiting his parents, who live near San Clemente. Thanks, Sean!

We also met 2 members of the Surfrider Huntington Beach Chapter, who had flown up just for Matt's show. While in the audience, I was approached by a fan who saw my t-shirt, and really wanted information about Surfrider. We also met a very interested fan, at the very beginning of the night, who was amazed when we told her about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, one of Andrea's favorite issues. It is so rewarding, when we get to talk with interested fans about Surfrider campaigns.

Thanks to Matt, for taking the time to snap a photo with us, with his new San Francisco Chapter t-shirt. Thanks to Andrea and Emma for all of their help!!

Matt ended the show with this a capella song, "Will I Lie In Your Arms", which I absolutely LOVE. (This was not filmed at the Slim's show.)

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