Monday, March 9, 2009

Neil Halstead - The Great American Music Hall - 3/8/2009

What a great show! Thanks to Brooke, for helping out! Thanks to Neil, Adam Parfitt, Ben Hall, management, and the GAMH staff, for a wonderful night!

Brooke and I arrived 30 minutes before doors, where we were warmly greeted by Mary, GAMH's House Manager, Neil, and David, who was running merch tonight.

After taking a photo with Neil, Mary invited me to the GAMH staff meeting, where I was warmly received by the GAMH staff, and got to tell everyone what Surfrider is all about, and what we would be doing at tonight's show. It was great! Neil was also very interested, and we got to talk with him about our campaigns, before the doors opened.

It was a seated show, so before the show started, I wandered the room, approaching fans at tables, and handing out the sushi wallet-sized guide, and a few beach cleanup schedule postcards. Most people were unfamiliar with Surfrider, but were willing to talk with me about it for a second or two. I met a lot of people who were very dedicated Neil Halstead fans:)

We raffled off a t-shirt, which went to winner Nathaniel, and had a lot of people express interest in our regular beach cleanups.

Neil gave us a shout out from the stage, explained a little bit about what we were talking about that night, and encouraged his fans to stop by our table. It was amazing!

Since we were located in a back corner of the room, right next to the merch table, we received some visits after the show had ended, when fans came over to purchase t-shirts and cd's, or to talk with us. Neil's shout out really helped. It was a great set up!! Thanks again to the GAMH!

Thanks again to everyone involved in the tour, who all asked me questions about the Music Outreach Program, and our Chapter. It was great to see the members of another Brushfire band, Rogue Wave, at the show, in the audience, too.

Neil performed this song tonight - "High Hopes" - awesome.

What a beautiful show. The audience was so attentive the entire time - full house. It was perfectly quiet in the room, except for the music coming from the stage. Which I may add was supported by a fake yuletide log, and beautiful shadows in the shape of leaves, that panned on the curtain, hanging behind the musicians. If Neil comes to your town, then you should definitely check it out:)

Neil Halstead on surfing - video interview.

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