Friday, January 16, 2009

Incubus - Virgin Festival - 8/4/2007

Review by Nicole Parisi-Smith. Originally posted to the Surfrider Washington, DC Chapter message board on February 21, 2008 ---

We partnered with Incubus in August 2007, to conduct outreach to their fans at the Baltimore, MD Virgin Festival. The festival took place at the Pimlico Racetrack.

We were orginally supposed to set up a traditional Surfrider table at the festival, but due to space restrictions we weren't able to have our own booth.

However Eli Kiljanek and Felipe Bermudez partnered with Incubus and their greening partner, MusicMatters, and helped distribute MusicMatters-produced postcards to fans explaining the things that Incubus was doing to "green" their 2007 tour.

Thanks to Incubus and their manager, who were really great to Eli and Felipe. I was on-site with the Spitfire Agency, helping to "green" the overall event, and got to catch the Incubus set, too. I really enjoyed it, knowing how much the band and management support Surfrider:)

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