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Jessie Baylin & Newton Faulkner - Jammin Java - 5/2/2008

Review by Nicole Parisi-Smith. Originally posted to the Surfrider Washington, DC Chapter message board on May 7, 2008 ---

The show went really well. Megan Kelley, JD Krohn and I were there, to represent the Chapter and run the Surfrider table. Thanks to Eric Dean who tried to make it, but got stuck at work.

We had no problems getting into the venue - our names were on the list. I have never seen that many people at a Jammin Java show! The venue did not have room for a folding table, so we shared space with the merch booth.

Jessie Baylin came over to check in with merch before the show, and introduced herself to Surfrider. She came back after her set to talk with us about our chapter and our campaigns, and signed our Trestles petition addressed to the US Secretary of Commerce. She was SO nice! There were a lot of people there from the very start, and people were crowding in front of the stage for her set, which was great! Then she had fans coming up to her after the show to get her autograph and take photos with her:)

Jessie is really interested in working with us again - anytime she comes through town! She said when it's her own show then she can do a shout-out from the stage, hang a banner up for us, etc. She is soooo fantastic!!!! When she comes back to DC, then please go to her show and support her - she is so wonderful! She also has a CD coming out at the end of June!

Newton's set was great, but he had so many fans who wanted to talk with him, that we didn't get to meet him:) Next time! I'm sure he'll be back! I was streaming my favorite San Francisco radio station on the day of the show, and heard the DJ's talking about Netwon. I thought that was a pretty good coincidence - it was great to actually get to see him.

We had quite a few music fans come by our space at the merch booth to say hello and learn more about Surfrider. We gathered signatures on our petition, handed out info about RIPPLE (our upcoming fundraiser at a DC art gallery, with Surfrider supporter/artist Erik Abel, the new 10 Ways card that was provided to us by the Surfrider National Office, and the Rise Above Plastics fact sheet that Chrissy Patrick created for us.

During the break between Jessie and Newton's sets, and then after the show, we circulated through the crowd, handing out a fact sheet about plastics, and talking with fans one-on-one about safe baby bottles, etc. We got a lot of positive feedback, and a lot of people really took the time to listen to us talk about plastics - it was really nice!

Thanks, particularly to the artists and artist management, who set all of this up for us! And thanks to Megan and JD, who came out to help with the table!

Follow Up: Check out Jessie performing "Was I On Your Mind" at the Recher in Towson, MD on 10/3/08-

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