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The John Butler Trio - 9:30 Club - 11/6/2007

photos: Nicole Parisi-Smith, Joyce Rosado, Eric Dean; JBT; Nicole and Joyce

Review by Nicole Parisi-Smith. Originally posted to the Surfrider Washington, DC Chapter message board on November 10, 2007 ---

Previous note -
Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be tabling on Tues Nov 6 2007 at the John Butler Trio show at the 9:30 Club.

The John Butler Trio is sponsored by Clif Bar's Green Notes Program. The band is working with MusicMatters to green their current tour. Media is handled by Grist.

from the Clif website:

CLIF Bar and GreenNotes are incredibly proud to team up with JBT to help them grow their message of hope and peace on the road, and to give fans a Good Excuse to join them. Through the partnership with CLIF Bar, JBT is taking the following steps on tour:

Fuelling the tour bus with biodiesel
Offering an organic cotton t-shirt option to fans
Using 100% recycled paper and soy based inks for all printed materials Reducing the amount of waste produced while on tour
Recycling on board the bus and backstage at venues
Requesting organic food backstage at all shows
Minimizing the idling of their bus when not in use
Staying at hotels identified as more sustainable
Offsetting the tour's remaining CO2 emissions by purchasing renewable wind energy credits from NativeEnergy

They are inviting one non-profit to table at each show. We were selected to partner with JBT on Tues Nov 6. Woohooo!

We were invited to send 2 volunteers. Joyce and I will be there. If you are coming to the show then please come by to say hello!

Our website will be featured on Our info isn't up yet, however. So check back soon!

Thanks to the John Butler Trio, Clif Bar, MusicMatters and Grist!

Show Review -
Joyce Rosado and I received help on Tuesday night from chapter member Eric Dean who came to the show on his own. Thanks, Eric!

It was a great night.

The night started off with a brief meeting with JBT's tour manager. We then found JBT's merch manager, Julie, who had the MusicMatters, Clif Bar and Grist materials for us, for the table. Another member of the tour crew stopped by our table to learn about Surfrider. Julie asked us for some Surfrider materials for John Butler to read backstage. They were all really nice and very helpful.

In order to attact fans to our table, MusicMatters provided us posters advertising a free raffle, with raffle tickets to be picked up at the Surfrider table. Joyce hung these posters all over the inside of the 9:30 Club. The raffle prize was for an autographed copy of JBT's newest cd, a JBT hat, and a box of Clif bars. NICE!

The raffle tickets asked for the contestant's name and email address. As a result of completing the raffle ticket contestants will be put in touch with Grist and our Surfrider chapter. NICE!

At the table, in addition to handing out and collecting raffle tickets, we also distributed free Clif bars, information about Grist, and Surfrider materials- including information about:

*Safe Seafood Choices wallet sized guides
you can download and print one for yourself here.

*Information about Marine Debris

We also collected signatures on 2 Surfrider National petitions:
*Save Trestles (see below for more info)

*BEACH Act Reauthorization

We connected with former and current Surfrider members unaffiliated with our chapter, a lot of very enthusiastic JBT fans, and members and staffers from other DC based environmental organizations who were interested in learning more about Surfrider.

Joyce did a great job taking photos for us! Check out the slideshow, featured on this blog, as well as 2 of the 3 photos associated with this post.

The JBT show was amazing. They are very socially conscious musicians. This was definitely reflected in their fanbase. For example we met an Australian wearing a "One" t-shirt who recently moved to DC to work for Greenpeace. Awesome show, awesome people.

Thanks again to Joyce and Eric! You are awesome:)

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